Domaine Le Bout du Lieu, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, Cahors's wine drapeau français, french flag
Domaine Le Bout du Lieu
Famille DIMANI
Le Bout du Lieu
46140 St Vincent Rive d'Olt
Tel/fax +33 5 65 30 70 80
+33 6 45 79 85 81

Graphisme et réalisation : Florence Dimani
The estate, Cahors's wine

On the estate, you will be welcomed by the Dimani family, mother and father Monique and Arnaldo, and their son, Lucien. All three will speak to you about Cahors and about their wine : Le Domaine Le Bout du Lieu.

The property has 17 hectares of vines surrounding the meandering Lot river, spread over the Saint Vincent Rive d’Olt, Parnac and Luzech loops. The legendary grape variety of the vineyard, Malbec (Côt Noir or Auxerrois), is perfectly suited to the soils that make up the estate : ancient alluvia, gravel and red clay. This terroir and their work (yield control, pruning, green harvest) result in "black wines" (vins noirs) with a profound character, powerful yet elegant aromas and velvety tannins.

winegrower's family picture with vineyards of Dimani's family