Domaine Le Bout du Lieu, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, Cahors's wine drapeau français, french flag
Domaine Le Bout du Lieu
Famille DIMANI
Le Bout du Lieu
46140 St Vincent Rive d'Olt
Tel/fax +33 5 65 30 70 80
+33 6 45 79 85 81

Graphisme et réalisation : Florence Dimani

Crossing the vineyards of Cahors from East to West, you come across a family of winegrowers, producers of the favourite drink of Bacchus. High in the village of Saint Vincent Rive d'Olt, the patron saint of winegrowers, they welcome you to the Domaine Le Bout du Lieu.

Winegrowers from father to son for generations, they will be delighted to share with you their love of the earth, their attachment to their heritage and their passion for wine.

Their range of red wines, or rather Black Wines*, is complemented by a rosé that is worth discovering. Among all these particular flavours there will be at least one that corresponds to your tastes and your desires.

The wines are from the legendary Malbec grape (also called Côt Noir or Auxerrois), which in this area produces flavours that cannot be found elsewhere ; they will fulfil all the desires that bons viveurs and connoisseurs may share.

picture with a hand witch hold a glass's wine of Cahors
*Definition of Black Wine according to a motto of the Domaine Le Bout du Lieu : "If you can see your fingers through the glass, it's not a Cahors."